The Dusty Springfield Bulletin (DSB) is the definitive source of news and information about Dusty and her music.

DSB is a 32 page magazine dedicated to Dusty Springfield and issued three times a year. The magazine is printed on A4 glossy paper with four pages in colour.

Each issue of DSB is professionally and creatively compiled by Paul Howes and contains a wealth of information - from news of latest reissues to archival material (including articles, reviews and photographs) from Dusty's long and illustrious career. Subscribers from around the world also regularly submit insightful and heartfelt contributions, and Paul has a popular column wherein he has shown a great ability to answer just about any Dusty-related question imaginable!


Besides news, articles, photos, readers letters, etc., DSB from time to time negotiates with record and TV companies, as well as other organisations, to allow otherwise unavailable material to be made available exclusively to DSB members. In the past the Bulletin has issued five CDs and one DVD of such material.

For news about the latest special offer from DSB, check the Latest News section. For further informationa about any special offer, including cost, e-mail DSB editor Paul Howes at


If you're a serious Dusty Springfield fan and have not yet become a subscriber to DSB, then don't hesitate a moment more! Write to The Dusty Springfield Bulletin, P.O. Box 203, Cobham, KT11 2UG, England, or e-mail Paul at

Subscription for one year (three issues) is 15.00 for UK residents, 17.00 if you're in Europe, and 21.00 (US$34.00) for those of us elsewhere on the planet. All cheques, postal orders, International Money Orders etc. should be made payable to The Dusty Springfield Bulletin.

PLEASE NOTE: International Money Orders should be in pounds sterling. US Postal Money Orders and cash must be in dollars calculated at the exchange rate current at the time. Also, if you send cash, ensure that your letter is registered, as DSB cannot accept liability for any loss. Finally, if you are writing to DSB and require an answer, please remember to enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.

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