The numerous quotes by Dusty used throughout this web-site
have been collected from a wide variety of sources.
Accordingly, I am indebted to the following people and publications:

BBC Radio, Sharon Davis and Blues and Soul magazine, The Daily Mirror, Paul Du Noyer and Mojo magazine, Peter Evans, Marcus Griel and Rolling Stone magazine, Chris Heath and Girl About Town magazine, Keith Howes and Gay Times, Chrissie Iley, Alan Jones, Graham Lock and New Musical Express, Mike Nicholls and Hello! magazine, People magazine, Q magazine, Adam Sweeting and The Guardian, Chris White and Music Week, Charles Taylor.

I am also extremely grateful and indebted to Paul Howes of the Dusty Springfield Bulletin, Lucy O'Brien, author of Dusty, David Evans, author of Scissors and Paste: A Collage Biography of Dusty Springfield, and John McElroy, former editor of the Dusty Springfield Bulletin, who through their dedication and hard work had previously collected much of the material used here.

Thanks also to Eric Freeberg, Janet Winsand and John Stolz.