Orphilion Dreams

Science Fiction Thriller/Romance
by Jeanne Allen

Thor, a pilot of a space transport ship, and Helena, a medical scientist, are brought together by fate during a perilous rescue mission to one of Jupiter's moons. They become dangerously drawn to one another, even though government law prohibits their Orphilion romance....under penalty of death.

For the chance to follow their hearts, they must lead in a dangerous revolt.


ISBN: 1-55404-241-0

Cover Artist: Deron Douglas, publisher at DDP

(This book was previously released under the title The Most Daring Dreams.)

Orphilion Dreams is available at Double Dragon Publishing in paperback or ebook formats.


What others are saying about ORPHILION DREAMS:

"Jeanne Allen has created in Orphillion Dreams a tightly written, exquisite novel that is high on both sensual romance and action packed science fiction...Clear, concise writing, and a romance tale that rocks! Jeanne Allen delivers in Orphillion Dreams. I could not stop reading until I reached 'the end.' You must read this book!" --Nicole Givens Kurtz, Author, Zephyr Unfolding

"Romance and rebellion go hand in hand as Helena and Thor free themselves and help to lead the resistance movement. This science fiction romance balances the two genres nicely with a plot full of danger, surprises and passion." --Carol E. Burris for Writers and Readers Network

"...an audacious first book by Jeanne Allen. Rarely do writers take on such a sweeping story in their debut novels. Ms. Allen's futuristic tale of social injustice and rebellion is an intriguing look into what may lie beyond the next bend in society's road. It's also a passionate love story of Helena and Thor. She didn't go wrong with those names--these protagonists are up to facing any number of obstacles. Bravo, Jeanne!"--Shannah Biondine, Author of historical & paranormal romances.

"Jeanne Allen has crafted a complex, technology-ridden world.... It is at times fascinating, at times confusing, but Allen has created it as a living, breathing entity, and it shows....a remarkable feat of world-building and engineering, and should be enjoyed by lovers of hard science fiction and space opera."--Affaire de Coeur

"This story is amazing....Set in a daunting, Orwellian future for Earth, heroic protagonists must learn to trust each other, and to ultimately change their world....The unfolding love story is satisfying and enjoyable, and the ending has such a surprise twist, I was taken totally off guard but very pleased. Very Highly Recommended!"--Marilyn Grall, Author of sensual historical romance.

"The two, and their freedom-fighting colleagues, face many dangers in their struggle to free the worlds' oppressed citizens. With action swooping from Earth to Mars, to Io and a few other deadly locales, this story will appeal to many readers."--Simply E-Books