About the Author: Jeanne Allen has drawn from her interest in science and nature and from being a pushover for a romance to write her first novel The Most Daring Dreams. "I'd written a romance for science nerds," she says with a laugh. "I learned a lot from the experience." TMDD has been re-released by Double Dragon Publishing, April 2005, under a new title: Orphilion Dreams. It is available in ebook and paperback format.

Her latest release (October 2008) is a time-travel fantasy romance called When Lightning Flashed. "The inspiration came to me after viewing a larger than life-sized metal sculpture of a knight in shining armor on a horse. The artwork took my breath away, and I rushed home to write a story about it." I am thrilled it was selected as a Finalist in the Fantasy/Paranormal category for the 2010 EPIC Ebook Awards. Fingers crossed for March, 2010 at the EPIC Conference in New Orleans, when winners will be announced."

On being a contributing author to the anthologies Twilight Crossings I and II, Jeanne says, "It was a wonderful experience working with Sheri McGathy, Shannah Biondine, and Jeanine Berry. I'm glad they invited me to be a part of this exciting project!"

"I was thrilled to have been selected as a contributing author to the The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction released in 2007 through Dragon Moon Press." Jeanne's chapters cover the topics of defining the science fiction genre and the effects of space travel. The Guide includes chapters written by established names in science fiction, including several best-selling authors. The book won the 2008 EPPIE award.

Jeanne's hobbies include singing, song writing, water-color painting, and hiking the wooded trails around a nearby lake.

She has written ebook reviews for Knowbetter.com and Ebook Reviews. She has written for the web newsletter Science Fiction Romance and has a short story entitled "Butchie Baby" (maintstream) published in Images Inscript, a literary e-zine.

Jeanne resides with her husband and two dogs Ursula and Echo, in the North Woods of Minnesota.

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Ursula as a pup.


Ursula as a young dog.





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