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When Lightning Flashed



(Fantasy/Paranormal Category)


When Lightning Flashed

...a heroic tale of love, honor, and destiny across worlds.


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ISBN-10: 1-55404-615-7 ISBN-13: 978-1-55404-615-7

Lightning flashes...and the knight Randwulf, wounded on a battlefield, awakens from an elaborate dream about coming to the aid of a woman in a strange, future world-or did it somehow really happen? But he must tend to his wound and matters even more urgent. Princess Audrey, whom he's sworn to protect and secretly loves, has been kidnapped by a reviled, murderous race who plan to kill her to avenge ancient wrongs committed against them by her people. She's a Chosen One, selected by the Spirit of Light to lead her kingdom out of one thousand years of cold, harsh times, a reign of despair called the Cumbolgehnast. As Randwulf leads a rescue mission through treacherous terrain, shocking truths are mystically revealed about his own past and about the woman he loves: the princess is not who she seems. How will knowing these truths affect his actions? Will Audrey be rescued in time and the kingdom saved, or are they doomed to exist under the Cumbolgehnast for another millennium?

"Inventive, insightful, and filled with enchantment, When Lightning Flashed by Jeanne Allen will transport you to a world where a love that transcends time is the light of hope in a world darkened by strife, warring clans, and religious conflict."~Sheri L. McGathy, author of Omnibus ­ A Collection of Fantasy Stories


"...a satisfying adventure..." The Denver Post


"...action packed...an entertaining read..." Coffee Time Romance







The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction

Edited by Dave A. Law & Darin Park - 2007

***WINNER*** of 2008 EPPIE AWARD for Nonfiction



Dragon Moon Press follows its highly successful title, The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy, with a comprehensive writer's guide on science fiction. The book leads the writer from the pitfalls and clichés of a first story to selling and promoting a novel, and the writing life beyond. Topics in this guide range from alien creation, space travel, world building to writing humor, fan fiction, graphic novels and for younger readers - a perfect reference and writing guide for someone wishing to write science fiction. The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction is written by established professionals and up-and-coming talents: Jeanne Allen, Piers Anthony, Michele Acker, Milena Benini, Orson Scott Card, Carol Hightshoe, Ian Irvine, Dave A. Law, Wil McCarthy, Michael McRae, Tina Morgan, Bob Nailor, Darin Park, Simon Rose, Kim Richards and Bud Sparhawk.


"All aspiring and newly established science fiction writers should read The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction before sending out their manuscripts." MyShelf.com



The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction also available from Amazon.com




For the chance to follow their hearts, they must lead in a dangerous revolt.



ISBN: 1-55404-241-0

Also in paperback!

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(Previously released under the title The Most Daring Dreams)


"Clear, concise writing, and a romance tale that rocks! Jeanne Allen delivers in Orphillion Dreams. I could not stop reading until I reached 'the end.' You must read this book!"

~~Nicole Givens Kurtz, author, Zephyr Unfolding


"This science fiction romance balances the two genres nicely with a plot full of danger, surprises and passion." ~~Carol E. Burris for Writers and Readers Network


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Double Dragon Publishing presents

Twilight Crossings II

By Sheri L. McGathy, Shannah Biondine, Jeanine Berry, and Jeanne Allen


Fantasy/Fantasy Romance
1-55404-146-5 ebook
1-55404-147-3 Paperback


Together again...

Award-winning fantasy authors Jeanine Berry, Sheri L. McGathy, Shannah Biondine, and Jeanne Allen reunite to bring you TWILIGHT CROSSINGS II, another extraordinary anthology born within the enchanted realms of twilight.

When Tanner is hired to find the mythical city of Sha-da-nay, little does she know that what she seeks is far different than what she'll find. For buried in the darkest depths of the Hagath Forest is a truth that can set her free, if only she is willing to truly see WHERE LIES BEAUTY.

The fate of all the Known Realms hangs in the balance when a great mage is assassinated and his Umbra Amulet stolen, leaving a world frozen in perpetual twilight. Zavend Preece has one clue-a firedrake scale found at the murder scene. Can he and the enigmatic Capt. Praxis track the killers and retrieve the enchanted amulet, or will they be forced evermore to MOURN A MOONREFT SKY?

In THE WELL OF FOREVER, enter an ancient world where desert winds part the sands to uncover a mesmerizing tale of magic and romance. In the wrong hands the wand of the legendary sorcerer Lohar could devastate the world, as it almost did once before. Caireya plans to destroy the wand before that can happen, but her plan may cost her life.

Cultures clash when Arvalian warriors invade the peaceful isle of Ignatia for its legendary treasures. In THE TREASURE OF ARVALIS, which will prevail, a determined warrior, a priestess striving for peace, or will a war among the gods force them toward a common destiny?


Twilight Crossings II



Twilight Crossings II


***** Four brilliant novellas that will tantalize your imagination to no end. Magic and romance combine to make this a book you won't soon forget. ***** Reviewed by Detra Fitch

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FINALIST in 2010 EPIC Ebook Awards!!



When Lightning Flashed

...a heroic tale of love, honor, and destiny across worlds.

Double Dragon Publishing

(Previously released under the title The Most Daring Dreams)

For the chance to follow their hearts, they must lead in a dangerous revolt.

Double Dragon Publishing

A comprehensive writer's guide on science fiction.


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...four novellas that will transport you to dazzling new worlds...

Fantasy and Romance from

Double Dragon Publishing

...another extraordinary anthology born within the enchanted realms of twilight.


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Twilight Crossings

An Anthology of Speculative Fiction and Romance

by Jeanne Allen, Jeanine Berry,

Shannah Biondine, Sheri McGathy


Available from

Double Dragon Publishing

EPPIE 2004 Finalist!

(Anthology category)



Dream Realm Finalist


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